Eating strawberries and rice. At least I didn’t break out the guacamole this time!





I don’t share my food. 

She will if you tickle her. 



@BethanyJoyLenz: @DanneelAckles Whenever your free, i’m up for it!

@DanneelAckles: @BethanyJoyLenz I have a show to attend, but my schedule is free after tonight! 



@ConstantineM: @DanneelAckles: Hey you. I’m not hitting on anyone. Just being friendly. There’s a difference, sweetie.

@DanneelAckles: @ConstantimeM I’m just teasing you! Show got you tense? Or couldn’t you find the Febreze to mask the smell of Deborah’s feet? 

@BethanyJoyLenz: @DanneelAckles I will give her a kiss from you! And we do need to hang out more!

@DanneelAckles: @BethanyJoyLenz Then let’s make it a reality! If you can deal with my hormones, we should plan a girl’s night out!

@ConstantineM: @BethanyJoyLenz I’m going to have to take a rain check, but I’d love to. 

@DanneelAckles: @ConstantineM Stop hitting on all the OTH girls! ;) 

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